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Welcome to Bliss Energy

Tatjana Kohlieber, Reiki Master

I started my Reiki journey over 30 years ago thanks to my mom who is also a Master Reiki Practitioner, I have been connected to Reiki Energy work my whole life and have seen the wonderful benefits of energy healing through myself, family and clients. 


Reiki energy healing


An energy healing technique that promotes relaxation and energetic healing and balancing of the chakra centers located in the body.

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I’ve seen many different Reiki practitioners over 10 years of trying Reiki and I’ve had some good experiences and some that I walked away from feeling nothing.  But with Tatjana, from the moment of my initial contact with her, she was amazing and I knew she was going to be different.  She has an amazing presence about her and I could even feel it through her communications.  Upon meeting her, she glowed.  She has an effervescence and calm about her that is warm, welcoming and compassionate.  We sat down and talked before my session and I felt like I’d known her my entire life.  After my first session, I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I felt lighter, more calm, more balanced, more at ease.  I had been having trouble sleeping and I started sleeping soundly afterwards.  My body felt grounded after my initial session.  I didn’t even know what that felt like.  It was a great feeling though.  I have been back to see Tatjana and each time it gets better and better.  The Emotion Code is incredibly interesting and I feel like I get to know myself on a deeper level every time I go.  I also do Tatjana’s hypnosis and she is amazing with that.  Her voice is the perfect tone for hypnosis and it has helped me create habits and tools that I use on a daily base throughout the day to help me with anxiety and stress.  There are some people who have special gifts for different things and I can honestly say that Tatjana is gifted beyond measure for helping people in and on their journey, no matter what journey they are on.  I’m just so very thankful that I found her to help me on mine

Jen D



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